Firediff 0.1 Released

by on Apr.14, 2009, under Firediff

I’m pleased to announce that the initial version of Firediff is now available.

Firediff is a Firebug extension whose goal is to provide additional insight into the changes that are being made to the components of the page. As a 0.1 release this is effectively a preview of the final goals of the project. Many of the end goals such as diff generation, undo/redo functionality, and change persistence are still in the infancy.

Firediff currently requires a recent build of Firebug, with a strict requirement of at least version 1.4.

Many thanks to John J. Barton, Jan Odvarko and the rest of the Firebug community for assistance and input on this project.

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  • Terry

    I don’t understand. I installed firediff, and now FireBug has a new “Changes” tab, but clicking on it does nothing.

  • Terry

    OK, I didn’t have 1.4. Didn’t realize that “1.4” meant “not yet released beta version”.

  • kpdecker

    There will likely be another alpha for 0.1 before 0.2. is ready. This release will hopefully improve the 1.3 error handling case, rather than just showing a blank panel that doesn’t do anything.

  • Gareth

    I just had to customize a third party AJAX animation that I could only see for a split second. So I found it’s occurrence in the FireDiff changelog, but the real magic is this: When you click its occurrence it shows you a snapshot of the Firebug inspector, showing you all of the attributes it had at that specific point in time.

    Firebug took the guess work out of inspecting HTML, now FireDiff takes the guess work out of inspecting HTML over time.

    Thank you so much for providing this tool, it’s already saving me time and providing insight into things that would otherwise be nearly impossible to see. This is an important tool for front-end developers everywhere!

  • Gareth

    To top it all off, I just took the temporary HTML I found and repasted it into the Edit HTML view of Firebug (creating a frozen in time AJAX spinner) and edited the placement/style attributes to my liking, then incorporated those into my CSS file. Just saved so much time.

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